Monday, 1 March 2010

Rose, rob

Some examples of the digital technology we used are: the internet (facebook, blogger, wikipedia, google, youtube,) garageband, finalcut, photoshop, camera equipment. In society today digital technolgy is extensively used. With the use of digital technology in our project we were able to research, develop and create a bettered final product although, using these digital tecnologies there are some drawbacks.

The advantages of facebook:
-social network that enables user to search for new and old friends
-enables user to talk to people in similar classes or groups.
-can be used to find love.

The disadvantages of facebook:
-peadophiles can find you
-can be used as a form of online bulling
- details about individuals can be false

The advantages of google:
-offers a wide range of information that can be found by searching
-saves time searching through many internet sites
-very efficient for research purposes

The disadvantages of google:
-information provided could be unreliable and unrelated
-information found could be plaguerised

The advantages of blogger:
- view others working progress whilst they are able to view ours and produce feedback and advice that will improve our product.
-blogger is a free service to the community
-provides an place for people to store ideas, opinions etc. for are production.

The disadvantages of blogger:
- you have to have a blogger account

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