Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rob and Rose's saaafee work mayn. :)

What decisions did you make in the post production stage of your two products? Evaluate the success of these decisions.

-Refer to as many of the post production elements as possible.
Post production elements:
  • editing
In the editing stages of our post production stages we diverted our attention to focusing on enhancing the colour of our footage. In order to create this visual effect we used a saturation tool. We decided to use this effect to make the footage more vibrant, attract the attention of the audience and most importantly in order to keep the footage in keeping with the vibrant, bubbly theme that our product held.
  • consumption/exchange
Creating a blog in conjuction with our product allowed us to access the feedback of others. Including constructive criticism and hepful comments that gave us the opportunity to better our product. In both the thriller and music video project we used blogger however, we had learnt from the first project (the thriller) that the more use we had out of the blog the more successful we felt our end product would be.
  • marketing (digi-pack)
Particularly when marketing our music video we made many decisions in creating the digipack. Our main goal was to combine the theme from the music video itself (the enhanced colouring) to the characteristics of our digipack. We wanted to ensure that the digipack was vibrant and eyecatching however the DVD cover and magazine advert would still differntiate to ensure that customers would be able to see the difference in products and prevent it from becoming too samey.
  • sound
  • CGI effects
  • video commentary
  • feedback - roughcut
  • menu for DVD
  • credits
  • transitions/effects
  • subtitles


  1. this is a sensational piece of work.. i am stunned at the pure excellence. simple yet intensly unique. one word, perfect.