Thursday, 4 March 2010

Our post production desicions

One thing we obviously needed to sort out, was the synchronizing of the singing. The lyrics to the song had to fit the the mouth movements of the lead vocalist. The decision to sort this out was made for us, just because it would have looked poor any other way. Also after filming we decided to go get some more close-ups so, this proved key into making our video look more successful. We also decided to put the rumble effect in some parts of the video.
We also decided during our post production to have a separate photo shoot for our ancillary task, this is because we wanted to promote individuality, and professionalism.
We also decided to add in the song name and band which added to the overall professional feel, and the splitting of footage on the screen to have more than one band member show t one time.
We also decided to make a DVD commentary, to help market our product and evaluate it overall.

For our thriller we made decisions about what kind of credits we wanted. We ended up making our credits shake and we had them on a black background as we took influence from films like Seven. We also added a mass of effects to make our piece more eerie and unstable, we used colour change, and shaking to make things harder to focus. We sped up a lot of footage aswell as we wanted nothing to be given away in the opener for our audience.

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