Monday, 1 March 2010

Digital technology: Journalism

One areas of media that's becoming effected by new media technologies is Journalism. More products are emerging like sound-bites, blogs, forums and internet broadcasts.
All big news papers have their own web-pages now, which have evolved into a mass source of downloads and printable stories from the net. This new way of broadcasting means that newspapers themselves might be run out of production. With programs like iTunes producing news sound bites that these sites use for download, people might not want to continue reading themselves.
There is a huge accumulation of blog pages on the internet now, where anyone can publish their own products and stories. This is making news sources evermore unreliable, but on the other hand allowing a lot more free expression and feedback adding to certain journalism articles.
Of course, it isn't all making negative impacts. Internet broadcasting means that people can catch news whenever they want. Home pages such like 'Yahoo' and 'MSN' have news articles on them, so when people first get onto the internet they are met by numerous news stories. New stories are also added throughout the day, so people are never left behind if they want to keep up to date.
Having news accessible on the internet isn't new. It was founded back in the 90's, but the fact is the area is growing, and much more is now advertised through news sites.
All of these factors are changing the way we receive our journalism, there are so many ways we can obtain different adaptations of stories now that people never have to look far for recent news updates. But it also could be argues that the journalism profession is being effected by so Blog by products and sources are becoming more unreliable. People surely will have to say with main stream newspapaers if they want an un-morphed and professional story.

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