Monday, 1 March 2010

Dicuss the advantages and diadvantages of using digital technology...


  • It made the film look more professonal - using modern and hi-tech programs and equipment.
  • It gave us the chance to experience how to make a really great music video/thriller - through Final Cut etc...
  • It let us research really well and get a much more clearer and compare ideas - Through YouTube and Google we saw other videos and ideas.
  • We also could keep our ideas and progress up to date really well by using Blogger.
  • We could also listen and create and well done piece of music or get a better idea of the piece by using iTunes and Garage Band.


  • Though it made the video look more professional, i feel that we were let down by how much we didn't know and how much more we could of learnt.
  • Using some of the programs to research, YouTube, Wikipedia and iTunes it could of been bias because they are through own opinion, not all fact.
  • Blogger didn't always work as it would be open to others, risk of things being messed about with and canceled and lost.
  • The cameras are the not the most expensive so it did not give the greatest quality.

Although we had all the great Digital Technologies it does not mean that we will have the best film as it completely depends on the groups knowledge and professionalism. So if you do not know how to use a certain program really well then it would suffer more than the rest.

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