Thursday, 4 March 2010

Post Production Essay Plan


Post Production is the process of changing the footage after filming has finished. Post production can consist of the following:
  • Editing
  • Consumption/ exchange
  • Marketing
  • Sound
  • CGI effects
  • Video commentary
  • Menu for DVD
  • Credits
  • Transitions/ effects
  • Subtitles
Main Body - Thriller

During the editing processes of this project we used only basic transitions including continuity and parallel editing and some credits showing the audience who was responsible for different areas of the product (sound, camera, lighting etc)

We also added a basic soundtrack using the program GarageBand

Throughout the filming of the product we were always thinking about how we would sell/ market the product

Music Video

During the Post Production process we used more advanced techniques including a simple CGI effect which was similar to that used in the film 'sin city.'

We also had to create a Digipak meaning that we had to research into music video consumption, exchange and marketing techniques.

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