Monday, 1 March 2010

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using digital technology.
The main disadvantage of using digital technology is the reliability of the video camera and equipment. During the filming of our music video we encountered problems, such as the wireless battery pack for the camera was insufficient. We lost a days filming as there were no plugs to charge the battery or run the camera off electricity. This reflected negatively on the overall production of our work and was noticeable in our final product. Our filming was scheduled at an outdoor location and energy resources available.
Other problems we faced with the camera equipment were the tripod didn't secure to the dolly. This meant the shot movements were rigid and unlevel and radically disadvantaged our music video which criticized our other camera shots.
However, there were also many advantages of using digital technology. These included using modern software such as the iMac which utilizes Photoshop and Final Cut Express.

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