Thursday, 4 March 2010

post production essay

What decisions did you make in post production stages of your two products? evaluate the success of these decisions

  • in final cut
  • fix any mistakes
  • base shot inter-cut with other shots
  • generated images for animation
  • lip synced the sequence
  • looked at other ideas from exsisting digipacks
  • used photoshop and illustrator to make digipack
  • used opacity masks and blending effects to combine images some real and some animation
  • synced the music with the video
CGI effects
  • animation in photoshop
  • using filters, blending options and batch production process
  • saved time from original sketching idea
video commentary
  • used to explain various production and post production techniques
feedback on rough cut
  • used audience preview to gather feed back on what did and didn't work
  • we found we had to much of one shot so we re-filmed some extra shot that we could add in
  • fading effects to move between real footage and animation
  • fade to bring in the heart in the sky

  • final cut
  • basic techniques such as cuts and simple juxtaposition
  • used effects to create an overall image theme that could be recreated into posters and adverts
  • made sound track using garage band
  • help make a professional sound track
  • Green screen to change back ground
  • made titles appear in the computer program
feedback for the rough cut
  • used audience preview to gather feed back on what did and didn't work

Our post production desicions

One thing we obviously needed to sort out, was the synchronizing of the singing. The lyrics to the song had to fit the the mouth movements of the lead vocalist. The decision to sort this out was made for us, just because it would have looked poor any other way. Also after filming we decided to go get some more close-ups so, this proved key into making our video look more successful. We also decided to put the rumble effect in some parts of the video.
We also decided during our post production to have a separate photo shoot for our ancillary task, this is because we wanted to promote individuality, and professionalism.
We also decided to add in the song name and band which added to the overall professional feel, and the splitting of footage on the screen to have more than one band member show t one time.
We also decided to make a DVD commentary, to help market our product and evaluate it overall.

For our thriller we made decisions about what kind of credits we wanted. We ended up making our credits shake and we had them on a black background as we took influence from films like Seven. We also added a mass of effects to make our piece more eerie and unstable, we used colour change, and shaking to make things harder to focus. We sped up a lot of footage aswell as we wanted nothing to be given away in the opener for our audience.
Post production decisions that effected the look of our final product of our music video were based on our rough cut feedback. Much of the comments explained the need for close-ups of the artists in order to advertise their image and star persona. This meant we booked an extra day filming and took extra footage at the three major locations whilst concentrating on achieving acceptable shots and angles. This proved to be successful because when the shots were incorporated into our final product, the feedback from the finished music video didn't discuss the need to sell the artists because it had been achieved.
However, for the Thriller opening project from the AS year various decisions were made about the effects and transitions during the post production stages. Much of the verbal feedback evaluated the effectiveness of transitions and effects and this prompted our decision to add shot filters to add to the disequilibrium by giving a gloomy atmosphere where darkness hides characters both physically and emotionally. This was successful because it was praised in the written feedback of the final product.

post production essay plan


Post production means the changing of footage whilst editing such as;
  • consumption
  • marketing/ exchange
  • sound
  • cgi effects
  • video commentary
  • feedback= rough-cut
  • menu for dvd
  • credits
  • subtitles
Main Body = Thriller

with our thriller open, we used sound, credits, feedback to make it look more realistic.

we did a basic soundtrack to go with the footage. we'd talk about how when watching the footage back from production we'd pick out which points would work well with the soundtrack we created and how it would create suspense.

we used basic transitions and editing to create our thriller as we were just used to playing around with the software.

Music video

Post Production Essay Plan


Post Production is the process of changing the footage after filming has finished. Post production can consist of the following:
  • Editing
  • Consumption/ exchange
  • Marketing
  • Sound
  • CGI effects
  • Video commentary
  • Menu for DVD
  • Credits
  • Transitions/ effects
  • Subtitles
Main Body - Thriller

During the editing processes of this project we used only basic transitions including continuity and parallel editing and some credits showing the audience who was responsible for different areas of the product (sound, camera, lighting etc)

We also added a basic soundtrack using the program GarageBand

Throughout the filming of the product we were always thinking about how we would sell/ market the product

Music Video

During the Post Production process we used more advanced techniques including a simple CGI effect which was similar to that used in the film 'sin city.'

We also had to create a Digipak meaning that we had to research into music video consumption, exchange and marketing techniques.

Rob and Rose's saaafee work mayn. :)

What decisions did you make in the post production stage of your two products? Evaluate the success of these decisions.

-Refer to as many of the post production elements as possible.
Post production elements:
  • editing
In the editing stages of our post production stages we diverted our attention to focusing on enhancing the colour of our footage. In order to create this visual effect we used a saturation tool. We decided to use this effect to make the footage more vibrant, attract the attention of the audience and most importantly in order to keep the footage in keeping with the vibrant, bubbly theme that our product held.
  • consumption/exchange
Creating a blog in conjuction with our product allowed us to access the feedback of others. Including constructive criticism and hepful comments that gave us the opportunity to better our product. In both the thriller and music video project we used blogger however, we had learnt from the first project (the thriller) that the more use we had out of the blog the more successful we felt our end product would be.
  • marketing (digi-pack)
Particularly when marketing our music video we made many decisions in creating the digipack. Our main goal was to combine the theme from the music video itself (the enhanced colouring) to the characteristics of our digipack. We wanted to ensure that the digipack was vibrant and eyecatching however the DVD cover and magazine advert would still differntiate to ensure that customers would be able to see the difference in products and prevent it from becoming too samey.
  • sound
  • CGI effects
  • video commentary
  • feedback - roughcut
  • menu for DVD
  • credits
  • transitions/effects
  • subtitles

What decisions did you make in the post production stages of your two products? Evaluate the success of these decisions.

Music Video

One of the decisions we made during the post production stage of our music video was to film more varied shots. After reading our feedback from our roughcut, we realised that people wanted more varied shots rather than just straight on shots of the artist to make the video more interesting and exciting to watch. We feel this was a successful decision as with a larger variety of shots the video flowed well.

During the editing process we felt that some footage needed to be minimised in order to keep them flowing more professionally. For example we have a shot of the artist being chased where they turn a corner, we decided to cut out the end to make the shot flow better with the following shot. We also enhanced all of our footage after the basic editing was completed. We used the saturation and brightness and contrast tools in final cut to make the footage more vibrant and funky to conform with genre conventions. We feel this decision was a good one as it gave the video an uplifted feel.

We made the decision to use various different transitions between shots in our video as we wanted to make it more interesting. We used the motion key to guide our shots on and off the screen. One transition we thought was particularly successful was the transition where we spun a post it note onto another shot. We thought it was successful because it was timed well and fit with the music.

Our video commentary was fairly straight forward however after we filmed it we decided to cut it down a bit as we spoke about unnecessary things which did not need to be included. This was a good decision as we didnt want people to get bored or loose interest in what we had to say.

Creating our digipack was fairly easy as we had researched previous posters and DVD covers from the hip hop genre so we had a good idea of what to include. We took still images of the artist and made this the main feature in both of the digipack products. We made the decision to photograph the artist in the same clothing as he was wearing in the video to keep continuity but also to enable the consumers to regonise the products and relate them to each other. We were pleased that we made this decision as it gave the final products a professional feel.