Monday, 1 March 2010

Disadavntages of digital technology

With our post-it presentation, we discussed how digital technologies had helped us progress and the advantages it gave us towards our final products. But there are disadvantages of these products also.
Firstly with the internet research in general its hard to find reliable sources. Wikipedia is, effectively, an open blog where anyone can publish fact-files on certain topics. This makes some of what you read inaccurate or unbelievable. This could potentially be a set back if you were researching certain genre areas, or locations. This is reflected in the rest of the internet, you have to make sure the sources you have collected form are accurate and true.
Programs like photo-shop could also be a set back, because you have to put a lot of reliance into it for you ancillary tasks. In our case, none of us could grasp any more than the basics with it, so it made our final product unattractive, and lacking individuality.
Other programs like slide share and twitter, that we used to help add to the blog, requires a sign up to use. This could be argued a disadvantage as it requires time, and possibly spam mail from that site. When using these sites, reaching a final product sometimes took too long for us to use, so alternative sites and products had to be found, which was all very time consuming.

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