Monday, 1 March 2010

Advantages & Disadvantages of using Digital technology.

  • Having a Group Blog on Blogger allowed all of the members of our group to access the blog from pretty much anywhere that had internet access, which meant that any of us could add to the blog at anytime, at college or at home. Other groups could also leave feedback.
  • Garageband; helped us to create our own soundtrack for our thrillers which avoided having to contact bands or record labels in order to have permission to use their tracks.
  • Myspace; allowed us to contact bands in order to seek permission to use their tracks in our music video, without the internet this would not have been possible as we would have to find their address and hope they received our letter personally. Whereas with the help of the internet we can send our message and hopefully receive a reply quicker.
  • We used Google alot when researching in both projects. Google was a good choice for us as a search engine as it helped us find websites, information, images and videos online from key words. Using Google images we found alot of our images for our Mise-en-scene and mood boards. Google videos helped us find existing videos or music videos which were either not on Youtube or we could not access through Youtube.
  • Youtube let us search existing video clips & music videos. Which helped in our research for both projects, we could find existing videos that shared similar ideas to which we had come up with i.e. when we first heard our song for our music video we all agreed that we had a similar idea in our head to the video to Lily Allen's LDN.
  • Our music video project required us to create a digipack for our single, which meant we had to create a cover for our CD and a poster for this which could be a tour poster, Photoshop let us edit images, add texts etc.
  • We used final cut alot in both our projects to create our final videos. However our skills & knowledge of final cut improved in our second year as we had learnt the basics in As doing our thriller and so we could explore different effects in A2 for our music video we also looked at sound alot more in our music video.

  • College equipment; we had access to college equipment and were allowed to take the college (video) cameras out for one weekend and once overnight, which meant we had to plan what we were going to do first, but things don't always go to plan in our case they didn't, we didn't have a backup plan and didn't get the right footage for our music video.
  • The problem with our college blog on blogger, was that everyone else could also access it which meant that in some groups cases people had posted innopropriate material on their blogs.
  • The problem with researching using the internet is that not all the infomation online is true and with sites like Wikipedia the content is added by anyone online.

-Did you experience any problems when working on your Thriller/Music Video?
Thriller. We didn't have many problems with our thriller project looking back at the video now we could have re-filmed a clip where a girl throws a doll into shot and then walks in, but that was about it.
Music Video. Our biggest problem with our music video was that our plan didn't turn out right and so our music video ended up as a completely different idea to our original idea.

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