Thursday, 4 March 2010

Post Production

In the Bourne Ultimatum the director decided to not use many visual effects but to create various techniques for real.

For instance they filmed the rooftop chase scene for real in the location that they wanted to be in.

They used Cable Cameras to film this footage as Dolly's aren't fast enough and the angle of footage is off of the roof. To do this they hung cameras from cranes on cables to move the cameras across. This had complications as they had to contend with going over power lines and other cabling to make it filmable. They were also able to pre-program the cameras to do specific motions as well as manually controlling them.

For the jumping over glass on the wall scene they used Toffee glass to allow the character to safely jump over as well as it creating a realistic crushing image and sound. This was better than CGI or silicon glass as CGI cannot create a realistic view and Silicon glass is extremely flexible.

They also used Jump Cams to follow the character as he jumps off of a building and lands in the kitchen window of the opposite building. To do this they used a Stunt man to film the character and jump with them into the building.

This involved a small bit of CGI to remove safety mats, cables for the cameras as well as removing some people out of windows who were watching the filming.

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