Monday, 1 March 2010

Digital Technology - Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital technology is widely used in all media areas. It was important in the making of our thriller project and music video as it allowed us to explore different techniques and enabled us to be more creative with our products. It also gave us an insight into the way that professional industries use advanced technology to create their products.
An advantage of using digital technology is that it is useful to collect a wide range of in depth research by using the internet. During the planning of our music video and thriller project we used the search engine Google to do this. It was useful to help us find out any information we were unsure about, we could also search for images to put on our blog. However, Google also has some disadvantages. Some of the information can be misleading, inaccurate and out of date. It can also sometimes be very irrelevant to the subject being searched. We took this into account and read all information with caution trying not to believe everything we saw.
The programs we used during the production of our products such as final cut, photoshop and itunes were an important element in creating a proffesional looking product suitable for our specific genre. Final cut enabled us to edit our footage, adding transitions and effects to make it as good as we can. Photoshop was important in creating our digipack. It allowed us to add effects to our images and create interesting text. However a drawback of using these programmes is that it they are fairly complicated to use and can be very time consuming if you are unsure of how to use them.

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