Monday, 1 March 2010

How has the new technology effected this music video?...

The video i chose is: P!nk - So What

This music video has several different new technologies to affect the video.

  • The camera is the most quality and professionalism and it has a very good director (Dave Meyers) and camera men.
  • It uses Green Screen to add a background that is more interesting and impossible to create in real life.
  • It uses a panning/tracking shot on a dolly, which is a camera on wheels or on a long extending arm.
  • The video uses hi-tech lights and effects of lights to create and more professional look.
  • It uses very impressive effects to make the video look even better.
  • It uses expensive and awesome locations, equipment to make the locations look really great. they use things that in older videos these things that don't exist, eg. fire and props of the new age.
Overall i think that the music world is using a lot more impressive technologies and i think it is improving and making a music video more interesting to watch over and over again as you miss little things in them.

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