Thursday, 4 March 2010

Post production.

What decisions did you make in the Post production stages of your two products?Evaluate the success of these decisions.

A2 Music Video.


Discussing the main points (Post Production Elements):
- Editing: We all made the decision to keep it simple, which is more powerful and less nauseous. ..We came to this decision from looking at our peer feedback that we achieved, as some of them did have problems with the effects.
- Consumption/Exchange:
- Marketing (Digipack): decided that wanted to realate the genre to the digipack, also wanted it to stand out against others in shops &be eye catching, while also keeping it simple.
- Sound: We only used the sound from the song as we felt that any other sounds would confuse the audience & wouldn't be appropriate for our video. From the feedback we achieve this very well as they really liked it and thought that it fitted in nicely with the genre type.
- CGI Effects: Did not use this.
- Video Commentary: We decided to show the audience what we look like, & jump from the video to us so that they knew what we were talking about, whilst talking over the top. We also put in clips of other videos and stills of our digipack. This proved effective in our video and from our feedback we found out that many people liked the effect of adding the clip of the existing video by lily allen to our video, although some of the commentary was abit quite and hard to hear for the audience.
- Feedback: The feedback on our blog helped us with constructive critism on our music video, digipack and video commentary.
- Roughcut: When we made our roughcut we didnt have all of our footage, so we put in clips with writting on telling people what these clips would contain and what to expect.
- DVD Menu: We wrote down the tracks and made up some special features/live clips in order on the back of the cover of our DVD Digipack idea.
-Transitions/Effects: we were going to use effects but in the end they would have confused the viewer so we scrapped that. Then for transitions we used a basic transition that faded the previous clip into the next making it simple and bold.

Conclusion: Summing it all up.

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