Thursday, 4 March 2010

Post production decisions that effected the look of our final product of our music video were based on our rough cut feedback. Much of the comments explained the need for close-ups of the artists in order to advertise their image and star persona. This meant we booked an extra day filming and took extra footage at the three major locations whilst concentrating on achieving acceptable shots and angles. This proved to be successful because when the shots were incorporated into our final product, the feedback from the finished music video didn't discuss the need to sell the artists because it had been achieved.
However, for the Thriller opening project from the AS year various decisions were made about the effects and transitions during the post production stages. Much of the verbal feedback evaluated the effectiveness of transitions and effects and this prompted our decision to add shot filters to add to the disequilibrium by giving a gloomy atmosphere where darkness hides characters both physically and emotionally. This was successful because it was praised in the written feedback of the final product.

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