Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Planning & Reseach Essay Plan.

How have the Advantages & Disadvantages of Planning & Research effected your 2 Products (AS/A2).

-Introduce the question and the two products.

Paragraph 1 - Advantages.
-We had a longer period of time to Plan our A2 project than for our AS project, which meant that we could go into more detail in our planning and in depth research.
-We learnt new Theories to help us to plan our video and analyze existing videos for A2 (Goodwin's Points, Auteur theory, etc.).

Paragraph 2 - Disadvantages.
-Despite all the planning we for our A2 Music Video our plan fell through as a member of our cast was unavailable and they were the main character in our plan, Unlike our AS Thriller Project where we had a plan and stuck to it right the way through.

-Improvement from AS to A2.

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