Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Planning and Research Essay Plan

How have the advantages and disadvantages ofplanning and research effected your two products (As/A2)

Introduction= What we wanted to do with our products, how we wanted the audience to read it

Main body = music video


  • Effective "sin city" effect
  • Kept to genre characteristics well
  • Good pitch
  • Researched into stages we were unsure off to help us
  • Good, helpful feedback which helped improve our footage
  • Storyboard, call sheets which we could refer to when filming

  • Didn't have a back up plan
  • Members of group failed to turn up when filming
  • Some lip syncing was out of place
  • Had repeated footage which had to be replaced so more filming needed
  • Commentary had more talking to certain members of the group and not shared out evenly
Conclusion= What we thought overall, what we liked most/least, overall final video, feedback, improvements- what we would do if we had more time etc,


  • Good research into genre, plot setting etc

  • Didn't have a great setting but did our best with what we had.

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