Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Planning and Research - Essay Plan

How have the advantages and disadvantages of planning and research affected your two products? (AS/A2)

With our first product, we were a bit stumped at the start, we had never done this before.

Lack of innovative ideas?

Less knowledge of genre. Lack of understanding of what to do.

Passion for media driven us to complete the work.

Passion has had a negative effect could have rushed us to complete, lack of experience of knowing how long something would take.

We had to do a lot of research which given less time to film.

Lack of experience on how to plan everything.

We are now better at organising. Common problems can still occur.

Lack of budget can restrict the capabilities available for our aspirations.

Our experience makes us able of quickly doing shots and knowing what to do in advance to use the best possible use of time. Giving us extra time to do other work.

Location was always a problem with both years. Restriction on where we could go.

Costumes and make-up were both restricted on both years due to a limit of clothing available and make up as well.

When some one was ill, it could hold back parts of the work. Especially if the actors or one of them were ill.

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