Wednesday, 10 February 2010

planning and research essay plan

Paragraph 1 - Thriller
- Good location - Short of planning time
- music planning led to a good soundtrack - Hard location for some people to get to
- Knew all thriller conventions
- Blog use made idea sharing easier
- A lot of knowledge on thrillers - Some props we hadn't got the budget for
- Music track research gave us a lot of ideas

Paragraph 2 - Music Video
- Call sheet and location research - location similar to previous project
- Pitch, we got feedback to help us advance - There were conditions to the hire
- Contacted expertise for their opinions and sheet.
permission - Some things didn't go to plan like
- Location report making things more thorough the people dancing in town.
- Goodwins points made us able to mae a more - To much research on digi-pack made us
efficient video. loose time and make ineffective result.
- Through watching other videos we knew what
factors to include

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